FAQ: What's a "1 Month Subscription"? How to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service"?

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1. What is 1 Month Subscription?:
When purchasing from the official website, you have two license types to choose from: 1 Month Subscription and Lifetime License. If you choose 1 Month Subscription, you are only allowed to use this license for one Month, and after that, you can renew if you want.
2. Τι είναι η υπηρεσία αυτόματης ανανέωσης και πώς να την απενεργοποιήσετε;
Automatic Renewal Service means that if you buy a 1 Month Subscription, the payment platform will charge the amount automatically (including applicable taxes) when the product license expires. But the payment flatform (Swreg or 2Checkout) will send you a letter to remind you that the order is going to be expired 7 days before the expiration. The e-mail will also include instructions of how to turn off the "Automatic Renewal Service". If you want to cancel subscription and auto-renewal on MyCommerce, you can log in your MyAccount to cancel your subscription, or go to to fill in the cancellation form.

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